It was founded by Cumali Kocabey and Taner Çam in 1994 on Suluca town of Sarıçam county in the centre of Adana.The founders of the firm,by being activing on 2500 m2 field and developing in a short time the work that they started to on their apprenticeship, succeded in transforming a great enterprise with expert staffs with 50 people and broad workbench capacity. From its' foundation to now,our firm which works with the princple of THE MOST QUALİTY PRODUCT AND MOST FAIR PRICE has moved customer satisfaction to higher levels with sensitive attitudes to nature and reconstruction.Our productions that started with meeting the spare part requirements of firms on the Zone of Hacı Sabancı Organized Industry have been increasing oppurtunity oriented to sectors like CEMENT,IRON,STEEL,MARBLE,RAILWAY CONVEYANCE and MINING.Our productions and increasing employment are among our priority targets as a approved supplier of the many macro foundations in this sector.

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